Alpaca socks - back in stock!

glove + scarf + hat

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We want you to Peruve It!

Peruve It is a lifestyle and clothing brand with the goal of sharing the unique styles, vibrant colours and rich traditions of the Peruvian people with the world… and we’re starting in Canada!

We work closely with a family-owned clothing and textile manufacturer in Lima, Peru to bring high quality, often handmade goods made with beautiful alpaca fibers. We are starting with the essential warm Andean accessories like socks, gloves, toques and scarfs just in time for winter:)

Check out our custom made Peruve It - Streetwear line! We’re just starting our journey to ‘Peruve’ everything we can, and one of the first tools we got to help accomplish that is a small silkscreen and sewing studio setup. We hand printed our first series of shirts and hoodies, and in true Peruve It fashion we’ve added a small patch of authentic Peruvian woven textile to every piece.

Whether you’re from Peru, or simply want to experience a bit of the culture wherever you are, Peruve It is on a mission to bring people together and spread that Peruvian positivity with everyone!