Peruve It - Chris

Peruve It - Chris

My name is Chris, lead designer and manufacturer on the Canadian side for the Peruve It team. I am a born and raised artist in Toronto’s vibrant maker community and have worked with many different brands through my Champstiles Woodburning business. I am extremely excited to be working on the Peruve It project and being part of a business like this is a dream come true!


While I haven’t had the opportunity to visit Peru myself yet, I have been exposed to many facets of their beautiful country and culture through countless conversations with my partner Patricia. I met Pati in October 2018, and have since shared many experiences and cultural exchanges from our native countries. Her passion for the history and culture of Peru is infectious, and once she gave me my first pair of alpaca socks (and taste of Peruvian cuisine!) I knew I wanted to help her with the mission of spreading the Peruvian experience in Canada.


Until I get a chance to visit, you better believe I’m gonna be rockin’ my Peruve It hoodie and alpaca threads to have a piece of Peru with me in my day-to-day life in Canada.


Dreaming of ceviche,