Baby Alpaca 8" Miniature - Brown

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These super adorable miniature Baby Alpacas stand 8" tall and are made with 100% real and ethically sourced alpaca fur... the softest thing you've ever touched!!

Each one of these has a unique personality and feature a custom 'Peruve It' belt and matching earrings, handmade with authentic Peruvian fabrics sourced from the Gamarra Market in Lima. The tradition of decorating alpacas comes from the Andean region in Peru where the alpacas roam freely and are identified by their families signature colours. Communities gather, usually twice yearly, and work together shearing the fur and checking the health of the alpacas. This becomes a celebration for local families and the decorations help keep things both lively and organized.

Alpaca fur is naturally non-itchy, hypoallergenic, water AND fire resistant!

Made with love in both Peru and Canada:)