Peruve It - Red - Face Mask

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100% Ringspun Cotton face mask with handprinted 'Peruve It' logo in pearl white and an authentic piece of Peruvian woven fabric sewn on the bottom part each one.

These masks are made with the triple layer design to accommodate pocket filters and are both **antimicrobial and machine washable.


* All face mask sales are final and non-returnable

** This mask contains an anti-microbial fabric treatment, but this anti-microbial fabric is not designed or intended to prevent the transmission of viruses or bacteria to or from the user. The anti-microbial fabric helps inhibit the growth of bacteria to help keep the product clean. These masks are not suitable for use in a surgical or medical setting or where there would be significant exposure to liquid, bodily or hazardous fluids or use in a clinical, healthcare setting.